If you are planning to arrive in Matera by car, camper or other vehicles you should know where to find a parking spot – either free or paid – to leave your vehicle safely and start exploring the city on foot. Finding parking in Matera can be challenging, especially during holidays or certain times of the year (such as Christmas, Easter, or during the patronal feast), when thousands of visitors (alone, in couples, with family, or in groups) come to the city for a day or a few days to discover everything Matera has to offer.

If you want to visit Matera and yo need useful information on the best free and paid parking spots in the city, this article will guide you on where to park to easily reach the historic center and the Sassi.

Parking Map of Matera

Here is a map created by our partner Carlo to group all the main parking spots in Matera, both free and paid:

Parking near Via Ridola

Near Via Ridola, one of the most beautiful and visited streets in Matera, there are several free and paid parking spots. For free parking, you can try your luck in the area between Via Padre Minozzi, Via Vena, Via Chiancalata, Via Castello, or the internal streets of the Lanera district. All these streets are within a few minutes’ walk from Via Ridola. It’s easier to find parking here, especially if you arrive in Matera early in the morning or in the early afternoon.

Via Vena Parking

If you can’t find a free spot in the above areas, don’t worry: Via Vena has a large multi-story monitored parking lot that can accommodate up to 340 cars.

Via Carlo Levi Parking

One of the newest open-air parking areas in Matera, near the University Campus, suitable for campers but not monitored at night (the area is very quiet, like the rest of the city). It is a few dozen meters from the Lanera district and about a 5-minute walk from Via Ridola and the Sasso Caveoso, making it ideal for reaching the historic center and visiting the city.

Sant’Isidoro Parking

A fully covered parking area open 24 hours a day, located on Via Lanera, a few meters from Via Ridola. A sustainable project that promotes urban regeneration and modern design.

Parking near Piazza Vittorio Veneto

Nicoletti Parking – Via Cappelluti

Moving away from Via Ridola towards the western side of the historic center, we find another paid monitored parking lot in Matera, covered and located between Piazza Mulino and Via Cappelluti, a few steps from Piazza Vittorio Veneto. You can also search for a free spot in the area between Via Cappelluti (mostly paid), Largo Passarelli, Via Passarelli (mainly the upper part), Via Gramsci (upper part), and Via Pecci.

Piazza della Visitazione Parking – Via Aldo Moro – FAL Station

This was a large paid parking area close to the historic center, but as of February 1, 2023, it is no longer available due to ongoing redevelopment works for the Intergenerational Park project, which includes an underground parking lot with 250 spaces. Those who used to park here can now use the Via Saragat parking lot, a few dozen meters away from Piazza della Visitazione.

Piazza Cesare Firrao Parking

Located a few hundred meters from Piazza della Visitazione, towards the Villa Comunale (between Via XX Settembre, Via Stigliani, and Via Amendola), this covered and monitored parking lot offers 146 spaces and an automated entry, exit, and payment system. It is about 200 meters from Piazza Vittorio Veneto and Via San Biagio.

Autoservizi Damasco Parking

A private, covered, monitored, and paid parking lot located 50 meters from Piazza Vittorio Veneto. To access it, pay attention to the ZTL entrance on Via Roma: it’s advisable to call the parking managers to get authorization for transit.

Free and Paid Parking near the Villa Comunale

To find a free spot near the Villa Comunale (a 2-minute walk from the center and the Sassi), you can try parking in the final part of Via Rosselli (after the intersection with Via Cererie and Via Tommaso Stigliani), Via Cererie, Via Gattini (partly paid), Via Giolitti, Via Piave (partly paid), Via Pentasuglia and its side streets, Via Laura Battista, Via Tommaso Stigliani (be aware of the ZTL section from Via Amendola to Via San Biagio), Vico XX Settembre, Via XX Settembre (paid), or near the Stadio XXI Settembre.

Parking near the Matera Centro Exit

For those arriving in the city from the Matera Centro exit 3 and looking for a parking spot right away, there are several paid parking areas not immediately next to the historic center but still close to major points of interest, including museums.

Via Saragat Parking

One of the largest covered parking areas in Matera, with 530 spaces and an automated entry, exit, and payment system. Located near Parco Comunale Macamarda and Campo Scuola, a short walk from Piazza Matteotti, which leads to Via Roma and Via Ascanio Persio, eventually reaching Piazza Vittorio Veneto and the Sassi.

Piazza Bianco Parking

A free parking area where you can stay for up to 2 hours with a parking disc. Located about 200 meters from Piazza della Visitazione. Nearby, you can also look for parking in the upper parts of Via Passarelli, Via Gramsci, or Via Cappelluti.

Via Timmari Parking

A covered and monitored parking lot with 450 square meters of space, located near the Provincial Fire Command and the Matera Centro exit 3. Convenient if you are staying in that area.

We Go To Parking

Another private, covered, and monitored parking lot on Via Timmari, right at the entrance of Matera. It offers a shuttle service to and from hotels and accommodations booked for your stay in Matera. An ecological car and motorcycle wash service is also available upon request.

Parking Fees in Matera

For public paid parking, here are the updated prices as of June 2022:

  • Zone A: €1/hour; €0.50 minimum fee; €60 subscription;
  • Via Lucana, Piazza Cesare Firrao, Via Casalnuovo: €1/hour; €10 daily fee; €50 subscription (ZTL and historic center residents); €90 ordinary subscription;
  • Zone B: €0.70/hour; €0.30 minimum fee; €40 subscription;
  • Via Saragat Parking: €0.50/hour; €5 daily fee; €50 subscription (ZTL and historic center residents); €90 ordinary subscription;
  • Parking in front of the Municipal Building: €0.50/hour; €0.30 minimum fee; €5 daily fee.

Payment methods for individual tickets, subscriptions, and permits are available on parkingmatera.it.

Parking in Matera? No problem with my guidance

These are the necessary details for finding parking in Matera comfortably, including the best places, streets, and times to arrive in the city and find a spot. Whatever parking you choose, you will be able to reach the historic center and the Sassi on foot.

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