Matera guided tours

With our Matera guided tours you will discover all aspects related to history, culture, nature and traditions of the city of Rocks and its surroundings: Ferula Viaggi will accompany you with several daily tours, each with specific activities and itineraries.

Gourmet and tasting tours to cook and appreciate local delicacies; visits to monuments and places of historical and cultural importance, a time travel from the Neolithic to our day; a jump into the underground Matera, villages and rock churches to understand how the ancients transformed hard places to live in their houses.

Choose one or more Matera guided tours, also customizable, starting with the following ones.

Sassi Of Matera Full Day Tour

Matera And Rupestrian Churches Park

Matera, the underground city

Sassi of Matera escorted tour

Matera cooking classes experience

Rolling Hills Around Matera

The Lake and the Crypt around Matera in MTB

Rock Churches And Ravines Cycling Tour

Matera Bread and Mozzarella Cheese

Sassi Of Matera And The Bats Cave

The Bats Cave And The Sassi in MTB

Sassi To Mary of Crosses Rupestrian Church

Neolithic Villages And Rock Churches In MTB

A Beautiful Matera Cycling Tour