Tour of noble residences and contemporary art in Matera

Discover three noble residences and where kings, counts and princes lodged in the past

3 hours max


All the year

Entrance at Musma + aperitif

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Cod. A10

The historic centre of Matera is not only composed of the cave houses of the Sassi, but also of palaces and historic houses. The majestic residences that dominated the humble lodgings of the people still stand out from around the cathedral. Today, some of these houses host luxurious hotels and spectacular contemporary art exhibitions.
Along the eighteenth-century plan, three noble palaces will be visited to discover the stories and treasures they hold. You will discover the stories and legends that speak of kings, counts and princes who lodged there in the past. Visit to a contemporary sculpture Museum located in Palazzo Pomarici. During the walk, aperitif on a panoramic terrace with snacks of local products.

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